Being an integral part of the communities where we operate, we at Hambantota International Port believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should meaningfully enhance and enrich the lives of those around us. This is clearly spelled out in our CSR Vision: “Our vision is to inspire positive change and empower our people and communities while protecting the environment and all life forms to create a sustainably powered future”.

Hence, we consider the social, ethical, environmental, legal and economic aspects of being a model corporate citizen. We also make sure that these initiatives are sustainable in the long-run.

Our medium and long-term CSR projects combine a selection of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into six main areas. These areas have been chosen on the basis of their relevance to HIP and the surrounding community, as well as sustainability over time.

Our staff members are enthusiastic volunteers in carrying out these CSR initiatives, as it helps them to contribute towards the community and environment. Such initiatives foster strong bonds between the HIP family and the communities among whom they operate. While allowing employees to develop a sense of pride in their company, it also provides them with a sense of personal fulfillment. Staff members have the added benefit of being able to sharpen their soft skills such as confidence, communication, leadership and teamwork. Since these initiatives are carried out across people of varying ethnic, religious and socio-economic segments, they also contribute towards reconciliation and coexistence in these areas.

Caring for People
  • Education & Employability
  • Health & Safety
  • Community Development & Engagement
Caring for Planet
  • Climate, Environment & Wild Life

The 4 main areas are:

Tissapura School Development Project

Tissapura Kanishta Vidyala is an elementary school which was found lacking in classroom space and many other basic facilities. HIP constructing a block of classrooms and furnished them, so that they could be used to conduct regular classes as well as extra-curricular activities for the students. The completed Tissapura Junior School Project, consisting of a new two-story building, as well as fully restored outer buildings, was ceremonially handed over to the School Management in October 2019. These facilities serve the needs of 300 students and a teaching staff of twenty-four.

Vocational Training in Collaboration with NAITA

The National Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) was set up by the Government of Sri Lanka with the Mission of ‘Providing vocational and Technical Training for youth, to acquire employable skills through well-formulated skills programs with highest professional standards to meet the skilled manpower requirement in the industry’. Our partnership with NAITA is focused on providing port-related vocational training and career guidance to the youth in the region. While addressing the region’s imbalance in terms of the availability of suitable employment, these programs enable such youth to acquire relevant vocational and technical training. Participants also improve their ability in the English language, in addition to developing soft skills, which are essential for improving their employability. 14 trainees who had successfully completed the 6-month ‘Basic Fire Fighting’ training programme were awarded their certification at a ceremony in October 2019. This partnership with NAITA is an integral part of HIP’s participation at the “Yowun Puraya”, National Leadership and Outward Bound Development Camp for Youth, which was held over a period of 4 days in April 2019.

Refreshments for Daham School (Sunday school) Students

Daham Schools are an integral aspect of our surrounding area, providing education in the Dhamma, while also inculcating proper morals, ethics and values in children. We provide free refreshments during the meal interval for students of several Daham Schools, which are held at temples in the vicinity of HIP. This project improves the nutritional needs and health of students, as well as their interest in spiritual and cultural education.

‘C-Blue Training Program’ 

C-Blue is a programme which sends selected groups of employees or undergraduate students from local universities to China for a 3-week training period to study its industrial culture. HIP sponsors this programme each year, with the aim of promoting greater friendship and cultural awareness between Chinese and Sri Lankan nationals. This also helps trainees to improve their soft skills.

University Partnerships

Recognising the need to create awareness and interest in the ports and logistics field, HIP has formed partnerships with several Universities across Sri Lanka. During ‘Open Days’, students can visit the port and gain first-hand experience of port operations.

Career Fairs

HIPG also collaborates with both the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce and Local Universities to hold career fairs where they educate students on the Maritime Industry and the available employment opportunities for these students.

Chinese Language Classes for the Hambantota District

The Hambantota International Port has joined hands with the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce (HDCC) and the Colombo University China Language Center to provide Chinese language lessons to Hambantota district residents. The Chamber began the language learning programme 4 years ago, with the goal of educating the Hambantota business community, especially the tourism sector, on Chinese language and culture. They believe that locals learning Chinese, would ensure ease of doing business, considering the number of China based projects in the district. HIPG provides the physical needs such as accommodation, food and transport, while Colombo University supplies them with Chinese teachers.

Nutrition for new mothers

Soon after the birth of the child, proper nutrition is important for both mother and the infant. In partnership with the Hambantota District Hospital, we have provided gift hampers consisting of nutritional foods and necessities for 120 new mothers at the Maternity & Pediatric wards of the Hambantota District General Hospital.

Cataract Surgeries Project

Addressing the issue of eye-related problems in Hambantota, we have sponsored several cataract surgeries for area residents. This is part of our initiative in addressing general health-related issues in the area.

Covid 19 Donations

The Hambantota International Port provided several government institutions and hospitals located in the Hambantota District with Covid 19 PPE. These institutions varied from district hospitals, Army Hospital to the Board of Investment.

Human-Elephant Conflict Project

Hambantota has seen a steady increase in cases of Human-Elephant Conflict, resulting in the heavy loss of lives among humans and elephants, along with damage to crops and property. HIP, together with China Merchant Foundation, has funded and assisted in conducting a research paper to study the Human-Elephant Conflict in the region, and provide feasible, sustainable solutions. This was carried out in partnership with the University of Peradeniya. It is hoped that this report would form a viable input in solving this issue which has been rampant across most regions in Sri Lanka.

Reforestation Program

According to the Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the UN, Sri Lanka lost over 20.9% of its forest cover between 1990 and 2010. In order to arrest this alarming trend, HIP has commenced funding and encouraging reforestation programmes in the surrounding community.

Donations for reforestation program

HIPG also donated specific flora to the Educational Zonal Office as part of their reforestation program

Beach Clean-ups

Though Hambantota used to be blessed with relatively clean beaches, pollution has become an issue over the years. HIP organizes at least one beach clean-up each year, with the participation of the management and staff. Part of this programme includes the separation of recyclable waste from other pollutants, and the provision of separate recycle bins for segregating the waste material.

Event partnership with Ruhunu Kataragama Devalaya, Annual Festival

HIP was a sponsor of ‘Surinduni Kataragama 2019’, a grand multicultural festival that attracts people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, as well as tourists.

Annual Contributions for Katina Festivals

As a part of our Community Engagement Projects, we provided financial assistance to 7 neighboring temples for their Katina Festivals – the largest alms-giving ceremony of the Buddhist calendar.

"Siththam Sayura 2019" Art Competition

Under the theme, ‘The future of the Hambantota Port and its development - as seen through my eyes’. Thisevent was organized by HIP in collaboration with the Hambantota Zonal Education Office. The objective of this initiative was to uplift the creativity and thinking abilities of schoolchildren, while creating awareness of how the port could uplift and change the lives of future generations in the area. 220 colorful, impactful and meaningful works of art from 16 schools of the Hambantota Educational Zone were received. The best of these images were chosen for the company annual calendar 2020.

Food Donations

Poson Dansala

Sponsorship for Dehigahalanda School Netball Team


In keeping with worldwide trends in maintaining safe, secure, and energy efficient facilities that mitigate environmental impacts, our green port policy encompasses our entire operations and value chain. Based on the framework of the 'Triple Bottom Line' of economic, environmental and social performance, we encourage all our stakeholders to give the highest priority to the best interests of people, communities and the environment. We are rapidly introducing ‘Smart Port Technologies’ incorporating the latest digital breakthroughs, which connect the entire port ecosystem.

Some of our green policy initiatives:
  • ‘Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ is the guiding framework behind our process to reduce plastic pollution. This includes reducing the use of single-use plastics, encouraging re-usable plastics, responsible disposal and promoting recycling initiatives.
  • We are focusing on a range of cutting-edge technologies and environmental initiatives, which have a combined impact on boosting digital information flow, while ensuring sustainable and green practices throughout the supply chain. These make our operations more sustainable, while reducing energy and resource use. Some of the technologies already implemented, or being considered, are: connected platforms, cloud-based services, mobile devices and apps, sensors, Internet of Things technologies, augmented reality, autonomous transportation, block-chain technology, and big data.
  • Reduce carbon fuel usage by switching to electricity-based alternatives, such as electric vehicles, etc.
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Life at HIP

Having staff members from diverse backgrounds is considered one of the best ways to create an enjoyable workplace environment, in addition to encouraging innovation and productivity. This is reflected in our team members, who comprise unique and committed individuals who also belong to diverse ethnic, religious, cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds, with a relatively high participation of females. While providing all staff members with an excellent working environment and encouraging them in many ways, we strive to ensure that they achieve their best in personal and career development, along with work-life balance.

We have developed and implemented individualized career development plans for staff members to make certain that they achieve steady progress in their careers. These are intended to upgrade their skills and competencies in keeping with worldwide trends in general, while also providing industry-specific training which keeps them abreast of fast-changing international practices. Ensuring competence in the latest technological advances is a primary focus of our training and career development plans.

Employment opportunities for female staff is particularly encouraged to boost gender diversity in an industry such as ours, which is traditionally male-dominated, both in Sri Lanka as well as overseas.

As female participation keeps rising across most industries, including senior management roles, ports and shipping has been consistently lagging behind. Addressing this issue, HIP has formed a partnership with Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association - Sri Lanka (WISTA - Sri Lanka) for providing mentoring and support for young females in the industry. In this regard, we sponsor many WISTA events that create awareness for the cause of enhanced female participation in the industry. We provide a booklet on Gender Diversity to all vessels calling at the port, in order to increase awareness on the issue.

Geographical diversity
  • Port Region: 69% (Galle, Matara, Hambantota, Rathnapura and Monaragala districts)
  • Out of Port Region: 31%
Gender diversity
  • Male: 86%
  • Female: 14%
Employment diversity
  • Direct Staff: 182
  • Indirect Staff: 707

Employee Engagement

A regular calendar of internal and external events is part of the excitement of working at Hambantota International Port. These events create closer relationships and bonding opportunities between HIP family members, contribute to a positive workplace culture, add to greater work-life balance, overall solidarity with the company and build strong team spirit. These include sports, social, cultural, religious events and family trips, as well as Company Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes and events for showcasing individual talents.

Here are some of our more memorable events

Sinhala Hindu New Year Celebrations

2018 - April

Vesak Celebrations

2018 - May

HPL Annual Cricket Tournament

2018 - June

Musical Event (Navthota Gee Miyasiya)

2018 - September


2018 - October

Camera Eye

2018 - October

Annual Family Trip

2018 - December

Company Day

2018 - December

Christmas Celebrations

2018 - December

January 01st Ceremony

2019 - January

Annual Pirith Ceremony

2019 - January

CILT Membership Drive

2019 - January

CASA Annual Cricket Tournament

2019 - February

International Women's Day Celebration at HIP

2019 - March

Sinhala & Tamil New Year Celebrations

2019 - April

Vesak Celebrations

2019 - May

Camera Eye - 2019

2019 - November

Annual Staff & Family Trip

2019 - December

Christmas Celebrations

2019 - December

Happy Hour


January 1st Celebration

2020 - January

CASA Cricket Tournament

2020 - February

CILT Certificate Award Ceremony

2020 - March

Annual Pirith Chanting Ceremony

2020 - March

Happy Hour (September)

2020 - September

Happy Hour


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Higher Education Institution/ Professional Bodies
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  • Members of Professional bodies.

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Buddhika Sandaruwan ( AGM – HR, Local Affairs and CSR)

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