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Life at HIP

Having staff members from diverse backgrounds is considered one of the best ways to create an enjoyable workplace environment, in addition to encouraging innovation and productivity. This is reflected in our team members, who comprise unique and committed individuals who also belong to diverse ethnic, religious, cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds, with a relatively high participation of females. While providing all staff members with an excellent working environment and encouraging them in many ways, we strive to ensure that they achieve their best in personal and career development, along with work-life balance.

We have developed and implemented individualized career development plans for staff members to make certain that they achieve steady progress in their careers. These are intended to upgrade their skills and competencies in keeping with worldwide trends in general, while also providing industry-specific training which keeps them abreast of fast-changing international practices. Ensuring competence in the latest technological advances is a primary focus of our training and career development plans.

Employment opportunities for female staff is particularly encouraged to boost gender diversity in an industry such as ours, which is traditionally male-dominated, both in Sri Lanka as well as overseas.

As female participation keeps rising across most industries, including senior management roles, ports and shipping has been consistently lagging behind. Addressing this issue, HIP has formed a partnership with Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association - Sri Lanka (WISTA - Sri Lanka) for providing mentoring and support for young females in the industry. In this regard, we sponsor many WISTA events that create awareness for the cause of enhanced female participation in the industry. We provide a booklet on Gender Diversity to all vessels calling at the port, in order to increase awareness on the issue.

Geographical diversity
  • Port Region: 69% (Galle, Matara, Hambantota, Rathnapura and Monaragala districts)
  • Out of Port Region: 31%
Gender diversity
  • Male: 86%
  • Female: 14%
Employment diversity
  • Direct Staff: 182
  • Indirect Staff: 707

Employee Engagement

A regular calendar of internal and external events is part of the excitement of working at Hambantota International Port. These events create closer relationships and bonding opportunities between HIP family members, contribute to a positive workplace culture, add to greater work-life balance, overall solidarity with the company and build strong team spirit. These include sports, social, cultural, religious events and family trips, as well as Company Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes and events for showcasing individual talents.

Here are some of our more memorable events

Sinhala Hindu New Year Celebrations

2018 - April

Vesak Celebrations

2018 - May

HPL Annual Cricket Tournament

2018 - June

Musical Event (Navthota Gee Miyasiya)

2018 - September


2018 - October

Camera Eye

2018 - October

Annual Family Trip

2018 - December

Company Day

2018 - December

Christmas Celebrations

2018 - December

January 01st Ceremony

2019 - January

Annual Pirith Ceremony

2019 - January

CILT Membership Drive

2019 - January

CASA Annual Cricket Tournament

2019 - February

International Women's Day Celebration at HIP

2019 - March

Sinhala & Tamil New Year Celebrations

2019 - April

Vesak Celebrations

2019 - May

Camera Eye - 2019

2019 - November

Annual Staff & Family Trip

2019 - December

Christmas Celebrations

2019 - December

Happy Hour


January 1st Celebration

2020 - January

CASA Cricket Tournament

2020 - February

CILT Certificate Award Ceremony

2020 - March

Annual Pirith Chanting Ceremony

2020 - March

Happy Hour (September)

2020 - September

Happy Hour


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