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Port Services

With the most diversified range of services offered in Sri Lanka, the Hambantota port operates across five business sectors: RO-RO, conventional cargo, oil & gas, container and cruise.

Maritime Service

We provide a wide range of client and industry-specific services to ensure that your fleets remain in running condition. The services include bunkering, ship repairs, ship chandlers, sea marshals, underwater services, surveys, crew changes, and a Seaman Club, which is currently under construction.

Port Related Industrial Zone

The seven square kilometer maritime industrial park lies in the heart of the Port of Hambantota. Sitting at the crossroads of east-west sea trade, the zone is a one of a kind location. Its free port policy is guided by a master plan that focuses on the dynamic needs of today’s shippers and manufacturers, providing incentives in import, export and re-export.


Integrated Logistics

We are positioning the Hambantota Port to be the one-stop logistics platform that caters to all our customers, offering an integrated package that could be tailor made to your needs. Backed by Hambantota’s geographic location, we offer an unparalleled experience of air and sea connectivity.

Business Incubator

At HIPG we value every start-up entrepreneur within our industrial zone. We aim to help you reduce the cost of launching the enterprise, by providing tenure and linking your business to the resources required to start and scale.

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Hambantota International Port Group (PVT) LTD. (HIPG): was signed between Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited (CM Port)

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At The Hambantota International Port, the safety and well-being of all our staff and customers is our top priority. With the new case of COVID-19 reported in Sri Lanka we have strengthened our safety measures to ensure that of all our staff, customers and the general public who engage with our operations remain in good health and that activities and business at the port continues unhindered.Emergency Response Procedures are in place with 3 response levels. A special committee has been appointed headed by the CEO with all HODs as members. The following methods have been implemented at the port:

  1. Passengers/crew of cruise ships will not be allowed to disembark in the port.
  2. All vessels have to complete the Health Declaration Form and the Health Status Report signed by the Master of the Vessel and the Surgeon/Medical officer of the vessel.
  3. All staff coming into contact with visitors/ships crew will wear protective masks as appropriate and when required.
  4. Complete sanitisation of the entire facility and vehicles used.
  5. Daily temperature checks on our employees as well as visitors to the port.
  6. All staff and guests are advised to refrain from shaking hands whilst greeting and use the traditional Sri Lankan method of greeting with own clasped hands.
  7. All foreign visits, business trips, study tours and other activities have been cancelled.
  8. People who may be exposed to COVID-19 will be hospitalized as per the government regulations.
  9. On-site meetings will be minimized and utilizing electronic media for meetings will commence.

All measures are implemented according to the requirements of the health and epidemic prevention departments of Sri Lanka.