HIP provides a wide range of client and industry-specific services such as bunkering, ship repairs, ship chandling, sea marshals, underwater services, surveys and crew changes. Timely and professional provision of these services ensure that customer fleets remain in operational condition at all times.

Ship Repair

HIP has a collaborative partnership with Colombo Dockyard PLC (CDPLC) Sri Lanka's leading ship repair, ship building, heavy engineering and offshore engineering facility. Colombo Dockyard has been in partnership with Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd Japan since 1993, and holds ISO 9001-2015 accreditation, in addition to quality certification by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. This partnership enables us to provide ships with superior afloat ship repair services.

Ship Chandlers

Ship chandlers perform the essential function of supplying required commodities for a shipping vessel and its crew. HIP provides service boats for off port limits (OPL) services for ship chandling, which require a high level of efficiency, as well as short time-frames.

Crew Handling

The critical role played by seafarers in global seaborne trade requires us, as a responsible organization, to safeguard their health and safety, while also assuring the protection and well-being of the country’s population. We strictly abide by the International Maritime Organisation’s framework of protocols, and guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense. Crew changes are carried out under the supervision of Sri Lanka Navy.

Perfect Location for Crew Changes

The location of Hambantota International Harbour, as well as its environs, provide an exceptional location for crew changes.

  • Mattala International airport is a 15-minutes’ drive
  • Can reach safe house within 5 minutes
  • Boat facility for outer anchorage crew changes
  • Hassle-free well-organized procedures
How Do You Benefit
  • No Deviation from the Main Shipping Route
  • Attractive rates
  • Saves time
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LSFO / HSFO Bunkering / De-bunkering and Shore Reception Facilities for Sludge and EGCS Residue

  • 'Bunker fuel’ used by ships, is among the worst pollutants on earth. According to The Lancet, one of the world's oldest and best-known, peer-reviewed general medical journals, “… a study estimated that ship-related pollution is responsible globally for about 400 000 premature deaths from lung cancer and cardiovascular disease, and 14 million childhood asthma cases each year”. Hence, the implementation of the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap, which restricts ship fuel to a maximum sulfur content of 0.5% is a step in the right direction. As a result, vessels are left with either of the following options.
    •  Use of fuel oil which is inherently low in its Sulphur contents (0.5% m/m)     
    • Limit the air pollution by installing a closed looped exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS)
  • HIP is perfectly positioned as a one-stop-solution for both above options through our Energy Services which are being designed and developed for handling LSFO/HSFO bunkering and de-bunkering of HSFO. We also have shore reception facilities for Sludge and EGCS residue.

Supply of Fresh Water

Ships require frequent supplies of fresh water in large quantities, in order to avoid contamination and the resultant outbreaks of disease onboard. HIP receives high quality purified and treated potable water directly from the municipality. Special measures are in place for ensuring the quality of fresh water after it enters the port, and before it is supplied to ships.


Our fleet of modern tugs is manned by dedicated and experienced crew. The present fleet consists of 04 Azimuth Stern Drive tugs with bollard pull of 65 tons. These tugs are equipped with firefighting capabilities. HIP can assist ships with towage/NUC movements, standby tug duties and escorting of towage on an exclusive basis.

Ship Lay-up

It is important to maintain and repair vessels in order to ensure optimization of vessel efficiency, operational efficiency and safe passage. In this regard, we offer safe sites for hot or cold lay-ups, which will ensure crew safety, vessel security and protection to the environment, as well as preserving the vessel’s structure, by protecting against corrosive environment and machinery wear and tear. Lay-up facilities are provided subject to berth availability. These are available at berth and at anchorage, at competitive rates. All safety precautions will be in place during the lay-up period.

We also have in place a strong vendor network covering small and medium supplies to major ship repairs, in addition to offering fresh water, and all types of waste removal.

Lay-up services
    • Ship repairs
    • Shelter for ships
    • Emergency response
    • Tug services
    • Provisions available 24/7/366
Why select us
  • No deviation from the shipping route
  • Services available 24/7/366
  • Minimum tidal current
  • Strong anchor holding ground
  • Deep-water depth
  • Secure anchorage area
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Marine Emergency Response

HIP has a fleet of External Firefighting (FIFI) tugs and rescue tugs, which are manned and on standby around the clock. We are able to meet oil spill contingencies, chemical spill contingencies and all other emergencies within the region. These can be arranged at short notice. We also have a dedicated Emergency Response Unit that is well trained, experienced, and on standby: ready to be deployed when required.


Aids to Navigation

Traffic control/Port Control is one of our specializations, and is also a highly essential component of our service offer. We have highly Qualified Pilots and Traffic controllers, who are equipped with the latest software and hardware to ensure a smooth and a safe passage through the channels.

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