• All vessels entering the port can communicate with Port Control on VHF Channel 16.
  • In case of any emergency, Port Control will be the designated Focal Contact Point.

General information guide for vessel owners and agents

  • Establish communication with Port Control on VHF Channel 16/10 (available 24x7x365) at least 2 hrs before the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).
  • The following mandatory information to be provided on initial contact with Port Control.
    • E.T.A. to pilot boarding ground (PBG)
    • LOA and breadth of the vessel
    • Arrival draught forward and aft
    • Ship’s flag
    • Last port of call
    • Bow thruster characteristics
    • DG cargo information. (Special attention to Class I and Class VII)
    • Mooring line type and condition
    • Total crew and their health condition
    • Any other information which may be deemed necessary for the safety of navigation, life, environment and property
  • Report 10 miles off the Breakwater Red Light and obtain Pilot Boarding / other relevant Instructions. (Pilot boarding side, Height of pilot ladder, Boarding position, speed, time Pilot is available etc.)
  • Ensure the Pilot Ladder or Combination Ladder (whichever applicable) comply with IMO standards.
  • Pilot for all vessel movements are compulsory.  Pilot working channel – Ch. 14. Tugs for all vessels attended by pilot is compulsory.
  • Number of tugs utilized at each movement will be at the discretion of the pilot.
  • One Tug is compulsory for all vessels, the second and third Tug will be provided on the Pilot’s request.
  • On vessels that require a tug, the Local Agent must send the request letter to Port Control 72 hours prior to the ETA.
  • Master should arrange Port Clearance from Sri Lanka Customs through Local Agent prior to vessel readiness for sailing in all respects.
  • In normal situations, Port Control needs minimum one hour notice on VHF channel 10 in order to Pilots, Tugs and Mooring Crew for sailing.
  • Following information will be required when calling for Pilot.
    • Actual Time of Readiness
    • Port Clearance Number
    • Sailing Draft (Forward and After)
    • Next Port of Call
    • Condition of Thrusters available
  • The following documents should be forwarded to the PHO Hambantota within 12 to 24 hrs of the ETA as per the latest Directive from the Health Department. This is in order to obtain the PHO’s "OK to Berth" clearance.
    • Health Status Report for all vessels arriving (new format attached for downloading)
    • List of last ports of call - last 10 ports. (30 days port rotation for cruises)
    • Maritime Declaration of Health.
    • IMO Crew list- list should indicate crew-joining date and place.
  • The Master has to stamp and sign- mentioning the date and time on all 4 documents.
    Note : Date and time must be 12 to 24 hours before ETA.
  • Submit all 4 documents in separate e-mails to- portcontrol@hips.lk
  • Based on the guidelines passed by the PHOs, the Local Agents must ensure that the information provided below on COVID – 19 instructions is conveyed to all vessels calling at the Hambantota International Port.
  • These precautions must be taken prior to boarding of the Pilot. Failure to do so will lead to delays in providing Pilotage services.
  • Contact details of PHO (Hambantota) Dr.Susantha.
  • Notice to all Vessel-Owners, Operators, Fuel Oil Suppliers, Training Institutes, Masters of Sri Lankan Flagged Ships, and Recognized Organizations, Compliance with the provisions of MARPOL ANNEX VI: REGULATION 14 AND REGULATION 18.
  • Master has to fill the Questionnaire on the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap Regulations provided under the downloadable documentation.
  • The Local Agent has to submit the document ASAP after vessel ETA is confirmed to BPL.
  • Documents should be emailed to- charaka.rupasinghe@hipg.lk and suresh.kodithuwakku@hips.lk while keeping portcontrol@hips.lk in copy
  • The vessel Master must complete “Part  A”, sign with the vessel stamp and send to Port Control through Local Agent 48 hours before ships ETA.
  • This should be e-mailed to- portcontrol@hips.lk

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