The Port and Shipping industry offers direct and indirect employment to millions worldwide. This is a fast growing industry, as over 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry, fleet sizes and trade volume are increasing continuously, and the industry is at the fore-front of embracing cutting-edge technology in virtually all aspects of its operations.

These are some of the compelling reason why you should join us for a rewarding career in the Port and Shipping industry. We welcome individuals from all types of academic, technical, socio-economic backgrounds, while also promoting ethnic, religious and gender diversity. We are especially keen on welcoming those who are innovative, committed and brimming with the passion to learn and get ahead their careers. Our specially developed career advancement and progression programs have been expressly designed with a focus on individual advancement, adoption of best-practices and technology, teamwork and enhancing productivity.

Opportunities For You

  • If you are an apprentice / school Leaver  - School leavers and students of Technical Education Institutes are welcome to apply for programs we publish periodically on our website and social media channels. We have designed these programs in collaboration with national Institutes in order to provide skilled employees to meet the demand of the local and international labor market. At HIP we provide this great opportunity under the supervision of skilled and knowledgeable professionals from our dynamic and global team. Do not hesitate to start the next chapter of your life with an International company.
  • If you are an undergraduate / fresh graduate - If you are an undergraduate or fresh graduate, our Internship/Graduate Trainee program will be the ideal platform for you to enter the Port and Maritime Industry. This program provides unparalleled opportunities for Local and International undergraduates and graduates to experience the making and breaking of classroom theories learnt thus far and thereby gain a more interactive and participatory experience in the natural professional world. It’s a program designed for the innovative, committed, result oriented and passionate to challenge themselves and determine whether they are suited for a career in the Ports and Maritime Industry. Candidates who successfully complete the program will receive an opportunity to join our team based on their performance and the opportunities we have at the time of completion.
  • If you are a professional - If you are a professional this is a much sought after opportunity for you to join an International organization with robust global networking and build or enhance a career in a challenging and diversified environment. We always welcome employees with sound experience, skills and attitude and a thirst to innovate and be a part of a bigger experience, to our energetic team. We always try to create an enjoyable work environment while providing opportunities for career development and personal development. Equal opportunities for all employees is a norm and employee empowerment is a requirement. To be a part of a winning team, do not hesitate to apply.

Our Vacancies

You may have special skills that may be of interest to us. If you have not come across an opportunity that suits your competencies and interests, please send your CV through to our Career Portal or via, so we may consider it as and when opportunities arise.

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