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Remote Delivery Process

Work Sequence Work Process Responsible Party
01 All CHA should send the VSR via email to shift the vehicle for customs inspection. CHA
02 CSO should send the VSR to HLPL via email to shift the VEHICLE in to customs bay. CSO
03 HIP Customs to send the ‘CUSDEC’ numbers of vehicle to the CSD via email once the examination done. HIP CUSTOMS
04 Vehicle should be released after the comparison of customs ‘CUSDEC’ with the HIPG BTOS system ‘CUSDEC’ by CSO. CSO
05 After Completed customs formalities, CHA to take out the vehicle from custom bay. CHA
06 IMPL to confirm customs bay checkout moment through the HHT scan. IMPL
07 CHA to take away the vehicle to the Gate No 01. CHA
08 CI to check the vehicle with related document. CI
09 IMPL to scan the IID of vehicle for GATEOUT. IMPL
10 CSO to gate out the vehicle through the system and issue the CIR for vehicle carrying driver. CSO
11 Collect the terminals’ D/O copy from the vehicle carrier and put same into the box/tray Placed in hygiene manner. CSO
  • CHA - Customs House Agent.
  • VSR - Vehicle Shifting Request.
  • CSO - Customer Service Officer.
  • CSD - Customer Service Division.
  • HLPL - Hambantota Logistic (pvt) ltd.
  • IMPL - Intermarc Marine (pvt) ltd (Tally Person).
  • CIR - Cargo Interchange Receipt.
  • D/O - Delivery Order.
  • HIP - Hambantota International Port.
  • CI - Customs Inspector
  • HTT - Hand Held Terminal ( Vehicle scan machine)
  • HIPG - Hambantota International Port Group
  • BTOS - Bulk Terminals Operating System

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