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Latest Cargo Clearance Procedure for Wharf Clerks

In order to ensure the health and safety of the Wharf Clerks, the people of the area and that the cargo clearance process is completed with utmost convenience and efficiency the following procedure has been put in place.

  • Directives by the Sri Lanka Police:
    • The Wharf Clerks arriving at the port to clear vehicle cargo must NOT stop their vehicle between Mirijjawila and the Hambantota port entrance, and should directly drive into the port. This is applicable on returning after the vehicle has been cleared too.
    • Any personal in the vehicles should NOT leave the vehicle at any point between Mirijjawila and the port.
    • Any personal in the vehicles must NOT enter any shops or restaurants in proximity to the temple area outside the port gate.
  • Directives by the Hambantota International Port:
    • All personal arriving to clear vehicle cargo must wear facemasks and gloves.
    • All vehicles must be parked adjacent to the entrance to the Hambantota Maritime Center (Administration Building), towards the “Nerabuma” area.
    • Once the clearing agents and drivers enter the port, the person clearing the vehicle will be escorted to the disinfection cubicle. After which, they will be cleared to conduct the required formalities for clearing vehicles as per the arrangements made by the Operations Department.
    • Please obtain details of the Customs and Operations procedure from Mr. Pinto on or 0764077606.

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