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Electronic Process for Local Vehicle Clearance at the HIP

As per a directive from the Hon. Johnston Fernando, Minister of Roads & Highways and Ports & Shipping, all ports and terminals shall be moving to an online platform to minimize human contact between Customs House Agents at Documentation Centres.

Hambantota International Port (HIP) is in the process of implementing the electronic vehicle clearance for Custom House Agents (CHAs) to lodge import vehicle clearance documentation and in turn for CHA’s to receive an electronic Import Cargo Delivery Pass (e-ICDP) from HIPG.

Therefore, we request all stakeholders to prepare themselves to move into an online system. While the offline system will continue to take place, we have enabled a testing environment for the online system for selected shipping lines and CHAs from Monday, 11th May. The fully online process will commence from Monday, 18th May 2020. Thereafter, the HIPG Documentation Centre will accept only documents submitted online.

The process consists of the following steps,

  • Shipping line to send scanned copies of D/O, B/Ls to HIPG Documentation Centre at
  • CHA’s to scan and email all clearance documents to along with the details of the Wharf Clerk designated to clear the vehicle from Hambantota.
    • D/O (If it’s a Sub D/O , Master DO also should attached)
    • Endorsed Bill of lading (B/L)
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Export Certificate
    • Assessment Notice or CUSDEC copy along with CHA ID
  • HIPG will check and verify the documents and send the payment advice to the customer.
  • CHA to do the payment via online transfers or bank deposits and send the payment receipt to HIPG.
  • Upon confirmation of payment, HIPG will issue an electronic Import Cargo Delivery pass (e-ICDP) – PDF file via email to CHA.
  • CHA to take one printed copy with the clearing Wharf Clerk in order to produce to the SL Customs for necessary approvals.
  • At the same time, e-ICDP will be sent to Customs at HIP and HIPG Customer Service Division (CSD) in Hambantota.

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