HIP works to keep Hambantota Beaches Clean

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The Hambantota International Port (HIP) organised a beach cleanup of the areas surrounding the Hambantota Fishery Harbour coinciding with the Company Day of China Merchants Group.

Both management and staff members of the port participated in the clean up, joined by the Manager, Mr. Sunil Shantha, and staff of the Fishery Harbour, the Coast Conservation Department as well as fishermen and villagers who wished to be a part of the project. The entire area was cleared of debris separating recyclable waste, and old fishnets and other garbage polluting the shallow waters were also removed.

China Merchants Group, the mother company of CMPort, HIP’s global partner, celebrates 147 years of sustainable operations this year. The Group which is involved in numerous projects to protect and sustain the environment, spreads its sustainability mission across all its members, partners and associate organisations. CMPort has similar goals and it is this mission that has inspired HIP to follow suit in taking on environmentally friendly projects to sustain the Hambantota District.

The beach cleanup under the theme “Healing the Environment” was a step towards keeping the fishery harbour and surrounding beach healthy. The event included an awareness program conducted by officials of the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) who emphasized the importance of keeping surroundings free of pollution. In line with this the port also installed clearly labeled garbage collection boxes in the fishery harbour.

The day ended with all participants receiving a plant to nurture and grow, as a memento to mark the day.

The HIP team at the beach cleanup event at the Hambantota Fishery harbour.

Debris being taken out of the waters of the Hambantota Fishery harbour​.
The HIP team during the beach cleanup at the Hambantota Fishery harbour​.
Capt. Ravi Jayawickrama, CEO of HIPS participating in the cleanup activities at the Hambantota Fishery Harbour.
The beach clean up in progress at the Hambantota Fishery Harbour.
Clearly labeled garbage collection boxes installed by HIP at the Hambantota Fishery harbour.
The garbage collected from the beach clean up at the Hambantota Fishery Harbour.
GM of HR Jeevan Premasara handing over a plant to a participant at the beach cleanup.