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Recognition of Covid19 Prevention and Control efforts during the year 2020


COVID-19 triggered a global health and economic crisis with wide-ranging implications and this affected all Industries across the globe. As an organization operating in the Port Industry we had to face many difficulties to ensure business continuity, while maintaining the safety of all people connected with us.

To overcome the COVID-19 outbreak, the management formed the COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Response Committee (ERC) under the direct supervision of the CEO.  This Committee is a collection of Emergency Response Task Forces capable of responding to various organizational issues and challenges. Each Tasks Force had a dedicated Head, Deputies and Members to cater any emergency.

With the dedication, positive attitude and commitment of all Task Force Members, strengthened by the support of all HIP staff members, we were able to achieve “Zero COVID-19 positive incidents” within the port premises during the year 2020.

HIP Management organized a Recognition Award Ceremony to recognize the commitment, dedication and hard work delivered by our employees as responsible members of the COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Response Committee (ERC) during the year 2020.

The main events were held at the Hambantota International Port Auditorium under strict Covid protocols during the months of June and July with the participation of Mr. Johnson Liu – CEO/HIPG and other EXCO and OPCO Management Team members of HIP.